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Ice Cube Race

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Ice Cube Race

Number of players: Min 4 to 5 couples. 

Preparation: Get lot of ice cubes and empty bowl.


Mark a start line and a finish line with about 20/25 feet distance in between.  Keep the bowl filled with ice cubes at the start line and an empty bowl at the finish line.  At the start of the game the players have to use tooth picks to lift the ice cube and carry it towards the finish line. They should drop the cube into the empty bowl kept at the finish line.

They have 5 minutes to complete the task.  In case the ice cube falls in-between he/she can lift it only by using toothpicks. At no stage the players are allowed to use their hands or feet to push the ice cubes.Maximum precaution should be taken while running as the floor might get wet due to water. So player should be advised to walk very slowing at the start of the game.

The couple who manages to get maximum ice cubes to the finish line is the winner.


You can play this game by giving chop sticks, safety pins or sharpened pencils to the couple.