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Ande Ka Funda

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Ande Ka Funda

Number of players: Min 12 players per team, like this 2/ 4 teams.

Preparation: Get lots of eggs try say 2 trays per team (50 eggs). 25 good chairs, 2/4 tables.


Make the team stand on the chair. Arrange the team in such a way that that they are equally distributed in two vertical columns facing each other in zig zag fashion. Keep a table at the start line and the finish line.

Keep egg tray at the start line and an empty tray at the finish.

At the start, the player at the start table tosses the egg to the first person standing on the chair. He then passes it to the second player opposite him, and then the third and so on. On reaching the last player on the chair, he passes it to the person standing near the finish table. He then places the egg on to the empty tray.

If there are 12 players per team one player each should be at the start and the finish table and remaining 10 players should be on the chairs

This game continues till 5 minutes.

In case the egg falls down while passing, it gets disqualified. Also, players are not supposed to step down during the game.

The team managing to get maximum eggs to the finish table is the winner.


This game can be played with vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes or even mixed vegetables. This game is fun with table tennis ball also.