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Tol Mol Ke Bol

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Tol Mol Ke Bol

Number of players: 20 or more.

Preparation: Collect 12 to 15 household products which have MRP (Maximum Retail Price) clearly marked on them. For e.g., soap, biscuits, tooth paste, Maggi, soup mix, match stick, coffee pack, chocolate, etc.

Description: The organizer shows one product at a time. The participants are supposed to guess the right MRP of the product showed to them. They should be allowed say 30 sec to guess the right price.

After the first, the second product, then the third product and so on should be shown to the players.  At the end the participants should be requested to guess the total price of all products i.e. if the decide to buy the entire product how much money they would pay.

The organizer then has to announces the correct prize of each product and the player whose answer is correct or closest gets the product as the price.

 Also, a prize should be given to a person who guesses the correct/ closest total price of the product. 


1. A product basket/hamper could be prepared and players could be request to guess the total price of the products inside. (Separate products for gents/ladies/kids hamper could be used)

2. A single high value product (say a Mixer/Chain) could be shown around and the player who guesses the right prize of the product gets the product.