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Card Race

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Card Race

Number of players: 4 groups of 10 players.

Preparation: Playing cards, 4 small tables.


Mark a start and finish line say about 30 feet from each other. Divide the players in to  4 group each group of 10 players. Place cards marked with ace to 10 for spade on table 1, cards with ace to 10 of clubs on table 2 and so on till table 4. These cards must be placed upside down.

Assign nubers to the player in the team in serial order i.e first person has no 1, second has no 2, third has no 3 and so on the tenth has number 10. Ask all the 10 player to stand behind each other in 4 rows at the start line. let the 4 teams to called team SPADE, CLUBS, DIAMONDS, & HEARTS.

At the start one player from each team has to run to the finish line, opens one card at a time and find out the ace, and then run back to the start line. Then the second person runs to the table opens and finds the card two. When he finds his card, he collects it and then runs to the start line. In this way each team member collects the card equal to his assigned number in serial order from ace to 10. Also, spade team collects all spade cards and the club team all the club cards and so on.

The next player should start only when the first player has come back and at all times the cards should be kept upside down on the table.

The team which brings all the 10 cards in the right order and  in the shortest time is the winner.