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Aaz Ki Taza Khabar

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Aaz Ki Taza Khabar

Number of players: 4/5 groups of 8/10 players. 

Preparation: Current date newspapers say 4 per team. Develop a question paper with say 15 questions based on the news in the newspaper. Some sample question could be,

  1. What is the minimum and maximum temperature
  2. Movie “chak de India” is being telecast in how many theaters (pl refer the movie section)
  3. What is the discount offered by xyz company on abc products (pl refer the adv)
  4. When/where is the xyz exhibition
  5. What time does deccan queen leaves pune ( refer train/air timetable section)

 Develop all the questions from the newspaper only and from different sections. 


Divide the players in to 4/5 group each group of 8/10 players. Make the players sit in groups and name each team.

Please pass one question paper and say about 4 sets of same newspaper to the leader of the team. He then goes to his team distributes the newspaper. He has to read the question to the team members and members have to go through the paper to find out the answer. The team which finds maximum correct answers in the shortest time is the Winner. 


This game can be played by using text book, workbook, dictionary etc.