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Aim the bottle

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Aim the Bottle. 

Number of players: 5 or more. 


 Place 5 bottles on a table with some distance in between them. Mark different points on bottom of each bottle with a marker, say 100,75,50,25, & 0. 


The player has to stand say about 10 feet from the table. He is given 10 table tennis balls to throw at the bottles.  If the bottle is hit, the organizer writes down the points on the bottom of the bottle. The points collected are not told to the player till the end of the 10 balls. After the last ball is thrown by the organizer totals the points 

After the first player is done, the bottles are rearranged and 10 balls are given to the next player. The game continues till all the players have played.

 The player who has collected maximum points from hitting the bottles is the winner.