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Mew Mew, Bow Bow

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Mew Mew, Bow Bow

Number of players: 4/5 groups of 8/10 players. 


Prepare small paper chits with following father cat,mother cat, baby cat and baba cat. Similarly prepare it for other animals like dog, crow, donkey,parrot. Make set of 4 chits equal to the number of groups.


At the start all the players open thier chits and on reading the name in the chit, they start shouting. for eg. if one gets a dog chit , he starts barking bow bow, similarly if one gets a cat chit ,he starts with mew mew. All players move around and try and find thier family members, i.e players sounding similar to their sound.

Once all the four player are identified they can come as a family to the orgazinzer.

The group which comes frist is the Winner.

Variation :

1. This game can be played with names of movies, like pyar kiya to darna kya, pyar kiye ja etc ( similar sounding names)

2. This could be palyed with names of cities, companies, hillstation names, jor even with popular surnames.