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Pass it on..

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Pass it on..

Number of players: 2/3 groups of 8/10 players. 


Collect unusual items to pass along, such as, slice of pizza, burger, cup filled with water, icecream scoop, kitchen gloves, water melon, utensils etc ( about 10/12 items)


Place a container and a table at the start and the finish line. Also, make the participants stand one behind the other but facing on left and right side alternatively.

At the start the players have to pass on the items from the start table to the finish table. After the last article reaches the finish table , they need to be transported back to the start table.

If any article drops in between it is not counted.

The time taken by each group is recorded by the orgaziner.

The group which finishes in shortest time with maximum articles is the winner.

Variation :

To make the relay race more challanging give all the players oversized gloves to wear. Also, this race can be played with their eyes closed.