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Jab Mein Chota Baccha tha..

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Jab Mein Chota Baccha tha

Number of players: 20 and above.

Preparation: Collect a baby photograph each of all the participants before hand.

Description: Stick all the baby photos of all the participants on to a big chart paper. Put serial nos and some unique characteristics of the person as you may see him e.g. a handsome guy, a joker, a musician, great actor, bachelor etc.Give a blank paper and a pencil to the player as they come in.

The player needs to recognize the name of the person in the photo.The punch line can give them some clue.

The player who recognizes maximum participants in the photos is the Winner.

Note:This game has to be played when all the players are known to each other say at a school reunion, or a family reunion.

Collect the photos of filmstars when they where young and ask the participants to recognize the same.