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Snacks Bingo

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Snacks Bingo

Number of players: 10 or more.


The organizer asks all the kids to say as many snacks items as they want. He has to prepare separate chits (he has to write name of one snack on one chit) and fold the chits and keep them in a bowl. Say the students say, cereals, biscuits, poha, upma, idli, missal, omlet, wada pav, burger, pani puri etc (list should be minimum of 25 snacks). This list should be available for reference to all.


Give a paper and a pencil to each player. Ask them to draw a square so as to make 25 small squares in them.Then request them to write the names of 10 most favorite snacks items according to them in any order randomly in any square.  Keep the remaining squares as blank.

The organizer then goes around the participants and requests them to pick one chit. He announces the snack in the chit and the player who has that snacks on his sheet has to cancel/ strike the snack.

The player who manages to strike all the snacks in his/her sheet is the Winner.

Note :

Excellent educational tool to introduce new concept like colours, flowers, shapes, animals etc.