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Comic Strip

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Comic Strip


Number of players: 3 to 4 groups with minimum 10/12 players.



Pick same number of comic magazines as the number of groups. ex . Raja Shivaji, Birbal & Akbar etc. Cut the comic strips into individual squares. Place them in an envelope.

Also, get paper and glue sticks for each team. Number of papers for each team should be equal to the number of pages in the comic book.




Make the group sit together. Give one envelope to each teach. (The envelope should have the whole story cut into square).


The teams have to decide the correct order in which the story should be.


They then have to stick the square using the glue stick.


The team which manages to paste the correct story in the shortest time is the Winner.



This game can be played with picture which show series of events say a marriage function, what event took first, then next etc.