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Sweets Treat

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Sweets Treat.. 

Number of players: 5/6 couples. 


Buy a pack of sweets ( mix type say jelly sweets , cadbury eclares etc, with wrapper on them.   


At the start, place a bowl with 5/6 sweets in front of the men. 

The men have then to pick one sweet at a time with their mouth. He then has to remove the wrapper of the sweet without touching them with hand. 

On removal of the wraper he then has to trasfer the sweet to his partner.  

 Allow 3 minute time for the game.  

The couple which manages to remove maximum sweets and trasfer them to their partner is the Winner.


Note : To make the game more interesting you may blind fold one of the partner.  Also this game can be played with pieces of cake or doughnuts, candy bars etc.