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Khul Ja Sim Sim

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Khul Ja Sim Sim

Number of players: 5/6 players. 


Select 2 to 3 interesting gifts. Wrap them number of times say 4 or 6 times. You may warp the gifts with foil , plastic bags, gift papers etc, but each gift would be warped different number of times.    


Make all at children sit in a circle.  

At the start the first gift is given to a player who unwraps the gift. He then passes the gift to the second person. The second player then unwraps the gift and this continues till the last warpping. 

The last player gets to keep the gift. Repeat this till all the gifts are exhausted.


Variation :

The player is allowed to guess the name of the gift and if it turns to be correct he is elible for a consolation gift.