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Know Your Country

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Know your Country..

No of player – Any number of players.


Take a readily available Map of India from a book store. Mark locations of important cities say about 15 on the Map and number them from 1 to 15.  Write randomly the names of all the cities at the bottom of the sheet.

Xerox the sheet equal to the number of players.


Distribute the sheets to all players. Ask the player to write the serial number from the map in front of the cites listed at the bottom.For example, one could list cities like Srinagar ( ), Chandigadh ( ),  New Delhi ( ),  Indore ( ), Pune ( ),   Banglore ( ),   Chennai ( ), Trirupati ( ),  Ujjain ( ),  Jaipur( ),  Mangalore( ),  Bhubaneshwar ( ),  Varanasi ( ),  Cochin ( )  etc.The player who identifies the location of the all the cities correctly is the Winner of the game. 


One could get a city map and mark important landmarks in the city. If one picks map of pune the location could be Fergusson College, Vaishali restaurant, Agakhan Palace, Shiniwarwada, etc,

 This game could be played with the world map and important cities / monuments of the world.