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Amitabh's Movie Special

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Amitabh’s story


This is a story of __________ and Miss __________.

 He was a __________ and who used to wear a __________ colour scarf around his neck. The poor people considered him to be their __________. He had three friends __________. They were all proud of their __________. She was the daughter of a __________who was a true __________.  They met on a __________and their love flourished between them __________. ___________ they me at the sangam of _________________________. Often they would play pranks on others, so their friends to them call them ____________. She did not like his profession and wanted  to lead a life of ______ He cursed his __________ and became a __________. But later he decided to earn his livelihood of __________and like a real __________ gave up the job of __________and became a __________. They then tied a knot in front of goddess __________ and lived a life full of __________.

    Write names of movies in which Amitabh Bachchan has acted in the blanks area in the paragraph.