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Khana Khajana

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Khana Khajana


Number of Players : 5 and above.


Preparation :

Make small cloth bags approx 4 inch* 4 inch.  Select about 10-12 food grains of daily use, for example, Tur Dal, Black Dal, Mustard, Sabudana, Rava, Mohri, Jeera, Sauf, etc.

Put the food grains in the bag and stick them properly.  Number the bags serially from 1 to 12.  The organizer should make a master list with name of the grains inside before locking the bags.  Care should be taken that nothing is visible from the bag once it is sealed.


Description :

Place the bags on the table serially.  Players are expected to FEEL &/ or SMELL the bags and recognize the grains inside.  They should write the and the name of the grains inside.


Player who recognizes maximum number of food grains in the right order is the Winner.


Variation :

1. You can play this game with all WHITE articles eg, sugar, salt, rava, rice, rangoli etc

2. You could play with different types of dals eg, Tur, Chana, Mong, Udid, Harbara, Ma-ki-Dal etc