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Taste the Drink

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Taste the Drink


Number of players: 5 or more.


Preparation: 3 Empty water jugs, Small plastic/thermocol throwaway cups equal to the number of participants.

Select any three drinks eg. 3 different colas ( pepsi, thumps up and coke). Pour them in to 3 jugs which are marked jug 1, jug 2 and jug 3. The organizer should know which drink is poured into which jug.



The players are given plastic cup and a small portion of drink in jug 1 is poured. He is supposed to recognize the drink and write down his answer. Then some portion of the second drink is poured and then followed by the third drink.


The player who recognizes the drinks in the right order is the winner.



1.This games can be played with following combination of drinks

            a) Citra / 7 – up / Sprint.


2. Make group of 3 players. Give three drinks to three different players. The group which identifies them correctly is the winner.


3. Give 5/6 totally different drinks. Give their taste one by one. At the end of the last drink give a answer paper to write. Player who identifies all the drink in the correct order is the Winner.