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Running with the City

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Number of players: 20 or more.

Preparation: Prepare 4 name plates of the cities; say for eg, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, and Delhi. Also, prepare small chits with the names of these cities.


Hang the name boards of the cities at 4 corners of the room. Ask the participants to be at any of the cities.

When the music starts they have to move from one city to another. Once the music stops they wait at any one ot the cities.

The organizer then asks some one to remove a chit. Suppose the chit reads say ‘Delhi’, all the players standing at Delhi are eliminated from the game.

The game again continues with the music.

The winner is the player who remains till all other players are eliminated.


*If the group is large, increase the number of locations.

*This game can be played with names of school, country or even movies.

*When last two/three players are left ask them to occupy different locations.


Mumbai                                             Delhi

Playing Area

Chennai                                                           Kolkatta