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Best Gifts for the Zodiac

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Best gifts for the Zodiac

Aries like anything fast, hot and happening. Equipments, tools and guns are good, so are excercise shoes, caps and the sports stuff. They will also love diamonds and oil on canvas.

Taurus take anything if it is the best. Comfort items, rich food, bedding stand ontop of the list. 'Luxurious' is the key word.loves just about anything and everything, as long as it's the best.

Gemini loves books, magazine subscriptions and anything that's a good read. Whatever it is make it two, anything that comes in a set of two. Gloves, socks, ear rings and do on. They also appreciate stationery and communications equipment.

Cancer enjoys gifts and also a big hug with it. From antiques to pearls, they will like it. Remember to make the gift as 'Family' as possible.

Leo takes a liking for the colour of the Lion. Yes, Yellowish gold. There's the clue. Gold. Classy, unique and wearable. They also have a liking for theater.

Virgo is practical Hence only useful appliances and supplies are willingly accepted. They also love the freshness of nature. So a house plant will be ideal.

Libra appreciates elegance. Candles and mirrors work well. New clothes are good, especially anything with a top notch designer label. They love beautiful things.

Scorpio is easy to shop for, if you have the money. Jewelery, silk, leather, musk, stocks, vehicles, and insurance coverage are all acceptable gifts for a Scorpio. It is the thought that matters.

Sagittarius needs big gifts. They enjoy imported stuff, educational gifts and travel surprises. They are a sporty lot, so shop for more!

Capricorn needs status. Anything that they will enjoy to build their image is neat. They also enjoy vintage wine and food. They like to keep gifts for a long time. So nothing cheap and perishable.

Aquarius love gizmos, gadgets and anything futuristic. Helicopters and computers go over well as to artifacts from ancient civilizations. They also like pets.

Pisces love music and related stuff. They also appreciate cameras, footwear. They like indulgind in a cruise, an evening at the beach or a massage.