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Fashion TV

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Fashion TV

Number of players: 40 or more.


Make groups of 8/10 players in each team. Get lot of used newspapers, coloured strips, scotch tape, stapler, decoration coloured papers, marker pens etc.

Description:  At the start select a group leader. Give each group leader enough supplies of newspaper, stapler, decoration paper, tape etc.The group has to select a model, preferably a girl child.

At the start the whole group is supposed to design clothes for the model.

They make him as Cinderella, Hanuman, Spiderman, Beggar, Cricketer, Krishna , Magician etc. They can make articles like flute, purse, goggles, caps, bat, stick, etc. Allow them 40 to 45 mts of time to dress the model.Then request all the models to the dais and ask them to tell about themselves and then walk a small distance on the ramp.

The judges then rank the models with respective to creativity, uniqueness, etc.

The model who gets maximum points is the MISS PARTY for the evening.