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Sound of Music

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Sound of Music

Number of players: 10 or more.

Preparation: Tape recorder, paper and pencils.

Description:  The organizer has to record different sounds on the tape.  He has to leave some pause time say 5 sec in-between any two different sounds. Request the participants to listen to the sounds from the tape. They have to recognize what the sound is about and write their answers.

Hints:Sounds of following things could be recorded. Telephone ring, clapping, opening of bottle, crumbling of paper, eating of wafers, whistle, yawning, opening of door, filling of bucket with water, chirping of birds, barking of dogs, etc


  1. Title music of TV serials/ Movies could be recorded and players have to recognize the name of the serial / Movie
  2. Punch lines ( jingle ) of Advertisements could be recorded and players have to identify the product.