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Number of players: 5 or more couples.

Preparation: Cardboard sheet of size A4, or cardboards used in office files.

Description:  Mark a start line and a finish line say about 25 feet apart.  Request say 4 couples to stand at the start line.  Give 2 cardboard sheets to each husband. At the start the husband has to keep one cardboard sheet on the ground in front of his wife. The wife then puts her one leg on the sheet and lifts her other leg. The husband then put the second sheet in front of the first sheet, on which the wife puts her leg.  This should go on till the finish line.

The wife is not allowed to put her leg directly on the ground. If she looses her control the couple has to start all over again.

The couple who manages to reach the finish line first is the Winner.


This game can be played with Bricks or paper plates.