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Nimbuda Nimbuda

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Nimbuda Nimbuda


Number of players: Min 4 to 5 couples.



Big spoons equal to the number of players, lemons.


Mark the start and finish lines say about 25 feet apart. Give a big spoon to all the participants. Ask the husband to stand at the start line and the wives to stand at the finish line.

At the start the husbands are supposed to run with the lemon towards their wife standing at the finish line. On reaching their, the husband has to transfer the lemon from his spoon to the wife’s spoon. On receiving the lemon the wife’s has to run back to the start line.


In case the lemon falls in between the player has to start all over again.


The couple who finishes the run in the shortest time is the Winner.


Oranges or ping pong ball could be used for the race.