Thanda thanda Kool Kool

Last Updated on Sunday, 11 October 2009 05:20 Written by Rajiv Tulpule Monday, 21 April 2008 12:15


Thanda thanda Kool Kool 

No of players: 3 / 4 groups of 8-10 players each.

Preparation: Ice cubes bucket & stop watch.


Ask the first group to enter into the swimming pool.  Then at the start throw say about 20 ice cubes in different areas of the pool. The players are then expected to remove the ice cubes from the pool and get them to the organizers. All this they have to do in say 5 mts time. At the end of the time, count the number of ice cubes picked and note it down.

Then the second team goes into the pool and does the same thing. The team which picks up maximum number of ice cubes to the organizer is the Winner


Other articles like balls, coins etc could be used instead of ice cubes.